FareGo Val

Your Go! to easy ticket validation

A key part of any revenue management system is the ability to validate tickets both on entry and exit.

FareGo Val offers a wide range of fixed and mobile terminals and devices that range from simple entry validation through both mobile and fixed exit control with applications that include the latest smartcard standards such as ITSO and VDV alongside traditional magnetic encoded ticket products and bar code tickets.

All of the devices in the FareGo Val portfolio have been designed to offer entry and exit validation, auto loading and hot listing to maximise the flexibility of the system, whilst at the same time the basic design and construction of the devices provides a solution that can be deployed in the most demanding of indoor and outdoor environments.

Devices for stationary ticket validation

FareGo Val SV|50

Modern smartcard systems provide operators with access to a wide variety of innovative ticketing and control options. The devices for stationary ticket validation are vandalism-proof and allow our customers to maximise the opportunities that the new technologies offer. 

FareGo Val SV|40
FareGo Val SV|50

Devices for on-board ticket validation

eTicket validator

The devices for on-board ticket validation of the FareGo Val product line have all the features and flexibility of the stationary devices in a high performance system platform that can be customised to a variety of different needs. The mobile devices are built around an intelligent assembly that provides visual displays through both a display screen and three LEDs, supported by an audio system.

Maintaining FareGo's design philosophy of providing a clear future upgrade path, the devices can also be delivered with four additional LEDs which enable them to operate with contactless bank cards which meet the EMV standards.

FareGo Val OV|40