Development from a mechanical engineering company to a global systems provider

Part of Scheidt & Bachmann’s strength in the transportation industry lies in the root of its long history as a resilient company. With over 140 years of business excellence, the company has endured shifts and changes in economic and social times and yet still continues to thrive to this day as a family-owned operation. The secret to our longevity is simple: we believe in the heart of the people who contribute to Scheidt & Bachmann, and so in turn, we trust that our products and services are committed to quality and effort.  

The company was established in 1872 and has passed down five generations of family management to its current management under Dr.-Ing. Norbert Miller. With 24 subsidiaries, over 739 registered product patents (status 06.2014) and more than 2,900 employees worldwide, Scheidt & Bachmann’s continuous growth and innovation is a testament to the stability of the firm throughout the years. We have come a long way evolving from a mechanical engineering company to a global systems provider and we look forward to continuing to make history for generations to come.


History of moving forward

1872     The salesman Friedrich Scheidt and the engineer Carl Bachmann founded the company Scheidt & Bachmann in Mönchengladbach. They started business producing textile machines, transmissions and small steam-powered machines during the first years.
1875     The founders shifted the production to mechanical signalling systems. 
1885     Friedrich Scheidt resigned from the company.
1896     Scheidt & Bachmann received its first patent for a "drive device for barriers“.
1899     Rudolf Kraft (2nd generation of the associated family), a son-in-law of Dr.-Ing. Carl Bachmann, joined the company as junior manager.
1914     Scheidt & Bachmann relocated the registered office to a newly established plant in Rheydt which today is a district of Mönchengladbach.
1930     Carl Bachmann was awarded an honorary doctorate (Dr.-Ing. h.c.) in recognition of his efforts in the railway safety. The first electronic interlocking system was introduced.
1932     Scheidt & Bachmann began with the production of petrol station systems.
1936     The management shifted the legal form of Scheidt & Bachmann from a general partnership to a public limited company (AG). Friedrich Miller (3rd generation of the associated family), a son-in-law of Rudolf Kraft joined the public limited company’s board of directors.
1945     Scheidt & Bachmann was almost fully destroyed by bomb
attacks in the Second World War. The restoration began immediately after the war ended with 100 of the original 1000 employees. Benefiting from the economic boom in the years of reconstruction, Scheidt & Bachmann was able to quickly recover from the impacts of World War II.
1963     The management of Scheidt & Bachmann transformed the reinvigorated public limited company into a company with limited liability (GmbH).
1966     The company began to develop and manufacture parking centre systems. Since then this business division complements the product portfolio of Scheidt & Bachmann. At this time microprocessor technology was integrated for the first time. Scheidt & Bachmann was Europe-wide among the first companies realizing the potential of this groundbreaking technology and applying it in automated systems. A software development department was exclusively established for this purpose.
1974     The parking systems product portfolio was extended with leisure centre systems. The Chairman of the management board at this time was Friedrich Miller.
1977     Friedrich Miller’s sons, Gert Miller (joined the company in 1959) and Peter Miller (joined the company in 1958) along with his son-in-law, Herbert Elsenbruch (joined the company from 1951 till 1987), took over the management (4th generation of the associated family).
1978     The fare collection systems business division was established and which completed the four business divisions as they still are operating today.
1980     The first European patent ever was issued to Scheidt & Bachmann for a "device for temporary storing coins of different values" by the European Patent Office.
1990     With the wide ranging product portfolio of innovative and high quality hardware and software products, Scheidt & Bachmann began to expand. The first step was the purchasing of Verkehrselektronik GmbH as the first independent subsidiary of the company.
1993     After Peter Miller retired in 1992 the supervisory board was able to appoint Dr.-Ing. Norbert Miller (5th generation of the associated family), son of Dr.h.c. Gert Miller as managing director.
1995     With the acquisition of Klaus Gindl GmbH, the first subsidiary which was exclusively commissioned to provide services was taken on board. The first subsidiary with an own production facility was founded in Zilina, Slovakia. Scheidt & Bachmann USA, the first subsidiary abroad, opens its doors for business.
2004     Dr.-Ing. Norbert Miller took over the managing director position from his father. Since then he runs the family company with more than 2,900 employees worldwide. Today Scheidt & Bachmann provides comprehensive IT- and hosting services whereby it has achieved the level of a full-service provider with a steadily growing service sector which is located on all continents.


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